Understanding Unifi Terminology

Unifi has clarified some terms surrounding new tech

Ubiquiti Networks, a company that has not been known to communicate well in the past, has released a blog post detailing terms about some of their existing and new software technology.

After some reflection, we’ve concluded that the terms we’ve traditionally used to describe UniFi hardware and software don’t always align with how many people interpret them. As such, we’ve decided to adjust our terminology in order to advance our goal of simplifying IT.

Here is the main thread of the post:

  • UniFi OS Console will be used to describe hardware devices (e.g., UDM, UDM Pro, UCK G2 Plus, UNVR) that host UniFi applications.

  • *Application will be used to describe UniFi software platforms (i.e., Network, Protect, Access, Talk, etc.).*

  • *UniFi [Name] application* will now replace controller (e.g., UniFi Protect application). You may also see this abbreviated:

    • Example: UniFi Protect application → UniFi Protect, Protect).
  • *UniFi [Name] mobile app will be used to describe our mobile platforms (e.g., UniFi Protect mobile app).*

I think this is a needed step for the company as they have grown to have a much larger subset of devices and apps living under the Unifi brand-name.

CompTIA Security+ Certified IT Professional