Ubiquiti releases UniFi Talk

Ubiquiti has released a new model for phone service.

Unifi Talk, a subscription phone service plan, has been released by Ubiquiti. Here is a list of the features from the announcement:

The price for this subscription is $9.99 per month when you stay within the 3,000 minutes per month. Want to transfer your current number? The company says that “Number porting is a highly coordinated and regulated process.” This means that to transfer your number you will have to fill out a form in the UniFi Talk application, electronically sign it, and submit a recent bill. While this is not a lot of work, it is a possible friction point for a company with a lot of numbers. Currently, Unifi Talk is only offered in the U.S., but more regions are coming soon.

The company also states that some new features will be coming to Unifi Talk soon.

New Talk devices, including a next-generation UniFi Talk Phone Touch series based on redesigned hardware that offers a best-in-class user experience and call quality

  • Video calling and conferencing
  • Custom Smart Attendant greetings
  • Advanced calling features
  • Additional integrations across the UniFi ecosystem

To install this system you will need a Cloud Key or an Unifi Dream Machine Pro with a hard drive installed. You will also need a compatible phone. Currently, there are only two supported models:

Phone Touch Max – Ubiquiti Inc.

Phone Touch – Ubiquiti Inc.

This announcement marks the start of a new product offering for Ubiquiti. It remains to be seen how well they will support this product line.

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