Discovering the UniFi Access mobile app

UniFi has released a new app for its security products

The Unifi Access App The Unifi Access App, Image Credit: Unifi Access

UniFi has finally released a companion app to go with their line of physical-security hardware products. The company describes the app as,

“a convenient, comprehensive management tool that allows you and other administrators to oversee every aspect of your Access system, including connected doors, user rosters, reader devices, access cards, and security policies. With the app, you can also view real-time access event logs to maintain full vantage of visitor and employee traffic throughout your workspace.”

You can download the app from Apple or Android here:

Google Play Store:

Apple Store:

Per the blog post, some of the key features include:

  1. Push notification for admins when anyone rings a connected doorbell.
  2. The ability to remotely lock and unlock equipped doors.
  3. User editing abilities
  4. Tools to add new devices
  5. Manage door security configurations
  6. A UI for viewing access logs

To use features in the app the post says the following requirements must be met:

  • UniFi OS - Dream Machines 1.10.0 or above (required).
  • UniFi Access Application 1.3.31 or above.
  • UA-Pro Firmware 2.1.99
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